The Increase Institute

The Increase Institute was founded by Dr. Pierre in April 1998. It was operating first in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lombok, and Bali, then in Cambodia, where it is still established.

It will expand its corporate training services to China in summer 2015.

Our mission is to provide uncompromising quality service training and consulting for middle and top management staff as well as service training for frontdesk staff. We also provide personal consulting within and outside of the framework of our corporate seminars.  When personal consulting is sought by seminar participants during an ongoing training session, it is covered by the service charge for the entire training.

From the start of operating the institute, back in 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia, we have done extensive research on the level of training of management staff in South-East Asia, and simultaneously, we inquired what the reigning leadership paradigm is. We found that the values valid in Asian corporate culture differ from those adopted in the West. For example, the family enjoys a much higher value in Asia, which means that certain behaviors of employees and managers in Asia can only be understood when we comprehend their cultural embeddedness. Likewise, leaders tend to behave in Asia more in the traditional sense of single leadership, rather than servant leadership, which is the emerging paradigm in the West.

This led us to modify the typically Western leadership style and adapt it to the situation in South-East Asia. As a result, our training style is less playful and more didactic than in the West, with a firm structure in place, and ample memory aid for the participants in the form of printed media, as well as audio and video content.

Marketing and Contracts
So far, we have done all our marketing through the Internet and telephone marketing, with not much of assistance needed. Contacts with General Managers are made personally by Dr. Pierre, and he would not want any assistance with it.

Please consult further for our detailed service plans and offers.